Father and Son Lose Over 250 Pounds with Lap-Band Surgery

rancho cucamonga lap-band familyFather and son Mike and Matt Cianciullo have lost over 200 pounds since their Lap-Band surgeries in 2009, according to a CNN report. Father Mike has lost over 100 pounds and son Matt has lost over 160.

The two men reported that their decision was based on significant research and a firm resolution to lose weight for their health. Each professed to be inspired by the other in sticking with their weight loss plan and achieving such success.

Pair Chooses Lap-Band Procedure Due to Reversibility

Matt, the son, stated that, “To think that, that young, I might lose [my dad] before I was 20 — it’s not something you want. And I always thought if I kept going down the same path, I would be like him or worse.”

Mike’s concerns for his son were similar: “With all the excess weight on [Matt], it was putting so much stress on his heart. For me this would be a good thing. My son needed it.” The BMI of the father was 50, while the son’s was 59.

Expressing concerns about the invasiveness of gastric bypass and the way it reconstructs the stomach, the Cianciullos chose Lap-Band because it was less invasive and was reversible.

The family’s wild success with the procedure is due to excellent adherence to their plans, and the work of their doctor, who states that he likes it when patients undergo Lap-Band together, as they keep each other motivated and help minimize temptations.

As a result of Matt’s successful loss of 160+ pounds, he was given the honor of being his doctor’s patient of the month. According to the doctor, the procedure had a dramatic effect on his personality and social behavior in addition to his physique. “He was so shy and introverted, never looked people in the eye. When he lost 100 pounds he opened up and came out of his shell.”

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