Inland Empire Weight Loss Patient Stories

Several of our patients have agreed to share their experiences with weight loss surgery. We thank them for telling their stories.

Kym Hoffman

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I am 41 years old, married to a wonderful man, and the mother of two young adult children. I hope that my Lap Band story will inspire others whose lives, like mine, have been disrupted by serious weight gain—and then restored.

I am the happiest person now: happy with my body, grateful for the opportunity I took to change my life, and excited about life each and every day. I went from 254 pounds to 137 and will soon reach my goal of 130. It’s still unbelievable to me to have the life back that I thought I’d never have again.

You can also meet Kym personally at our Support Groups, since she is the leader!


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I’m a 43-year-old woman, married and the mother of two daughters. I’m also a proud grandmother to Damian, who is one year old—I’m so happy I’m healthy and able to chase him around! San Bernardino County has been my home and I’ve spent the past 22 years living in the desert near Victorville. I drive a school bus and my life has changed completely in the past two years.

I want to tell you my story, which starts with my lifelong problem of being overweight and ends with the happy fact that I no longer have that burden in my life. After decades of carrying excess weight around, I am so grateful to be able to tell you that I’m only 3 pounds from my goal weight—for the first time in my life!


I’m 53 years old and live with my 16-year-old daughter in Rancho Cucamonga. I grew up in California, lived in East Los Angeles until I was ten, and then moved with my mother, brother & sister to Eagle Rock. I was always a skinny kid, right through my high school years. At 5’3”, I weighed 98 pounds at that time. I was never a very active person, but I was just naturally slender.

Darla tells her weight loss & body contouring surgery story