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Lap band surgery offers a wealth of benefits for patients battling obesity. It could be the right procedure for those who want a less-invasive option than other traditional weight loss surgeries. Lap band surgery, also known as the adjustable gastric band or laparoscopic bariatric surgery, involves placing a tube around the upper portion of the… Continue Reading »

Before and after pictures tell a dramatic story about the success of a Lap Band procedure. But behind those powerful images are many people, all working together to make weight loss possible. Trained medical staff, friends and loved ones all work in harmony to help you realize your goals. Before beginning the Lap Band journey,… Continue Reading »

According to a recent study discussed in the Digital Journal, Lap Band procedures may be effective in preventing the development of Colorectal cancer. By controlling obesity, this procedure decreases a patient’s risk as well as improving their overall health. The study, which was published in the Cancer Research journal, establishes a clear link between obesity… Continue Reading »

One of the qualities of the Lap-Band procedure that has made it so helpful for countless patients is its flexible adjustment and two distinct sizes. By providing a smaller and a larger Lap-Band option, patients of all types and weight situations may be treated effectively. This innovative and trusted gastric banding system is the only… Continue Reading »

Although the Lap-Band procedure has had a number of successful clinical trials with teenaged patients, it is currently not FDA approved for usage with adolescents. Allergan, the maker of the Lap-Band device, recently submitted it for teenage use, but has decided to postpone the process until a future time. The device may still be used,… Continue Reading »

The best first step in determining if you are a good candidate for a Lap Band procedure is to visit a trusted bariatric surgeon to discuss your options. While each Lap Band candidate has a slightly different situation, the general guidelines for Lap Band success have been well established since its release in 2001. Allergan,… Continue Reading »

One of the crucial aspects of any bariatric surgery is maintaining the proper level of exercise following the procedure. Staying active is important to ensure the best results, but overdoing it can have a negative effect on your recovery. Working with your doctor to determine the best exercise plan for your specific case will help… Continue Reading »

Weight loss surgeons at DuPont Hospital for Children in Wilmington, Delaware, are reporting dramatic successes treating obese teenagers with bariatric surgeries such as the Lap Band procedure. Patients have lost up to 170 pounds after having the procedure as teens. Though not approved for general use by patients under the age of 18, the Delaware… Continue Reading »

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