Lap Band Procedures Help Many Meet New Year’s Resolutions

rancho cucamonga lap bandA recent NPR health poll shows that one third of Americans have recently made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight. Most of those resolvers hoped to lose between 10 and 29 pounds, but many wished to lose much more.

As reported in a recent article in The Spectrum, bariatric surgeries such as Lap Band may be an integral part of the weight loss plan for those hoping to lose larger amounts of weight.

New Year’s Resolutions May Benefit from the Lap Band Procedure

According to Dr. Jared Speakman, a bariatric surgeon interviewed in the article, these increased levels of obesity come from a number of different causes. “We used to have to expend energy to get our food, and famines were frequent. Those with the genetic makeup to consume energy and conserve fat survived. Now we’re living in a modern society but we still have those Stone Age genes. Our drive to eat high-fat, high-calorie foods is ingrained.”

Those hoping to lose weight as part of a New Year’s Resolution often begin with changing their diet and increasing their regular exercise regimen. While this may be very successful for some patients, particularly those only looking to lose a few pounds, it may be frustrating for those with more significant weight loss goals.

For those who are struggling with obesity and looking to lose more weight, it may be very helpful to meet with a bariatric surgeon and discuss their options. Meeting with an expert is an excellent way to see how effective Lap Band may be for your specific situation, and to see if you qualify for the procedure. By taking steps to review your options, you can take charge of your weight loss goals, improving your chances of sticking with your New Year’s resolutions.

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