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As we learn more about the effects of marijuana, more and more people are viewing it as a natural option for treating or managing a number of health conditions and symptoms. From helping alleviate chronic pain to improving anxiety or depression, this somewhat controversial plant has been thrust into the spotlight as an effective medicine… Continue Reading »

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It’s no secret that eating a variety of fresh, whole foods—and minimizing sweets and highly processed items—is key to maintaining a healthy weight and warding off disease. Now, some doctors are taking this approach to a new level, prescribing food as a way to actually help treat illnesses such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. NPR’s… Continue Reading »

Ever heard of the cookie diet? Or listened to friends rave about how much weight they lost after a week drinking nothing but spicy lemon water? For every clinically proven, doctor-approved weight-loss method out there, there are dozens of so-called diets that are at best ineffective and at worst, dangerous. Here are10 shady diet trends… Continue Reading »

Is the Calorie Broken?

Contrary to claims of many diet books and weight loss products & programs, relying solely on reducing calorie intake rarely leads to sustainable weight loss. Yet a third of the U.S. population is restricting their food intake in an effort to lose weight—only to find that it doesn’t work, and when it does, putting the… Continue Reading »

Bariatric surgery and extreme lifestyle changes have become part of the public conversation, with shows like Extreme Weight Loss and Skin Tight featuring the real stories of individuals combatting obesity and related challenges. Most of us know that weight loss surgery can transform a person’s life, but these shows give us the opportunity to more… Continue Reading »

As a weight loss surgery center, we help people overcome the challenges of losing weight—and witness first-hand how successful weight loss impacts each person’s body. That’s why we are also here to help our patients complete their transformation with body lifting procedures. Knowing these challenges and realities, we are thrilled to see a dozen heroic… Continue Reading »

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With one in five children and one in three adults now classified as obese, America is facing a healthcare challenge that is rising dangerously. This major increase began about fifty years ago with a decrease in home-cooked meals and an increase in daily calorie consumption, according to a recent article in The New York Times…. Continue Reading »

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