Lap Band Procedure May Prevent Colorectal Cancer, Study Finds

rancho cucamonga lap bandAccording to a recent study discussed in the Digital Journal, Lap Band procedures may be effective in preventing the development of Colorectal cancer. By controlling obesity, this procedure decreases a patient’s risk as well as improving their overall health.

The study, which was published in the Cancer Research journal, establishes a clear link between obesity and the development of this deadly cancer. Another finding of this study was a link between a sedentary lifestyle and this cancer. Increased activity inspired by Lap Band-induced weight loss may also help to improve this possible cancer trigger.

Lap Band Procedure Reduces Cancer Through Dual Mechanism

According to the American Cancer Society, about 1,140,000 Americans currently have colorectal cancer, and its prevalence is causing increased research and proactive management of at-risk populations. This new study points to both obesity and inactivity as potential risk factors for this disease. Both of these risk factors are addressed through the use of Lap Band surgery.

As one of the safest and most highly recommended methods of bariatric surgery, Lap Band procedures are chosen for a number of reasons. Many patients like that they are adjustable and reversible, meaning that women who wish to someday get pregnant could have them removed as needed. Many studies have shown the effectiveness of Lap Band procedures in reducing obesity for patients in various situations.

Furthermore, patients who have had a successful weight loss with Lap Band have a more active lifestyle, as the recovery process incorporates physical activity. As a patient’s weight decreases, it also becomes easier for them to once again enjoy the things they used to do that required greater physical exertion. This increased ability for physical activity improves overall quality of life and helps reduce the chance of colorectal cancer.

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