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A recent Harvard study shows that the proper size of Lap-Band device is greatly impacted by a patient’s gender. This information was reported in a full research paper, distributed through PubMed. This study is being released online initially, prior to full release of the paper version of the research paper in a surgical journal such… Continue Reading »

In a recent study, 95% of diabetics undergoing Lap-Band surgery achieved remission or dramatic improvement in their diabetes following the procedure. This information was reported by a MedPage Today article produced in conjunction with the American Heart Association. The information discussed in this article comes from the two-year mark of a five-year study, known as… Continue Reading »

An article published recently in Reuters discusses findings that bariatric procedures such as Lap-Band surgery may cure diabetes through modes other than weight loss. It may also be a diabetes treatment for patients that are not severely obese. Previously, bariatric surgery has only been considered appropriate for the treatment of obesity and diabetes in patients… Continue Reading »

A recent study published in the Annals of Surgery showed that the Lap-Band procedure was the safest bariatric surgery of the three surgeries used in the study. The study results were reported in Medscape News. The main focus of the research was to determine which bariatric surgeries were the most effective in treating diabetes. As… Continue Reading »

Bariatric surgeries such as Lap-Band procedures have been found to reduce cardiovascular (CV) events by as much as 30%, according to a recent Medscape report. These procedures also decreased the chance of dying from cardiovascular causes by 50%. This study, known as the Swedish Obese Subjects study, was performed in Gothenburg, Sweden. It followed over… Continue Reading »

According to a recent New York Daily News story, treatment with bariatric procedures such as Lap Band surgery may provide a reversal or cure of type 2 diabetes. Doctors report that it should be recommended more quickly in the treatment process rather than as a backup or last resort. The two recently released studies, published… Continue Reading »

After losing over 150 pounds following a previous gastric bypass surgery in 1999, Carnie Wilson had a Lap-Band procedure done in January and has lost 30 pounds since the surgery, this Huffington Post article reports. Wilson stated that she wanted the second surgery to get her back on the right path after being unable to… Continue Reading »

In response to a large number of successful Lap-Band procedures in 18-year old patients, the makers of Lap-Band have applied for FDA approval of Lap-Band surgery on patients over 14 years of age, a recent ABC News story reports. Allergan, the creator of the Lap-Band surgical procedure, only promotes its product for use by patients… Continue Reading »

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