Lap Band Procedure May Improve Chances of Conception for Obese Women

rancho cucamonga lap-band conceptionWomen who suffer from obesity are more likely to struggle with infertility issues than women who have a BMI in the normal range. According to an article in American News Report, women who undergo a Lap-Band procedure may greatly increase their chances of conceiving.

While Lap-Band is not given directly as a fertility treatment, the systemic effect on the patient is great, improving health in a number of systems. The reproductive system is certainly improved as body weight reaches a normal level for a variety of factors.

Lower BMI Can Directlly Impact Fertility Levels

For those that are obese, the fat cells produce abnormally high levels of estrogen. The body counteracts this imbalance by producing high levels of androgen, such as testosterone. The effects of this reaction may be far-reaching, causing irregular periods, lengthy menstruation, and a hormone balance that is not conducive to pregnancy.

While many of the positive effects of Lap-Band procedures are immediately visible, there are several benefits occurring that are harder to notice. The most significant benefit from a fertility standpoint is the return of hormone levels to a balanced state, one that more suited for conception.

This treatment also has the secondary benefit of making menstrual periods more regular, with a more standard length and predictable occurrence. This can make managing your period easier and more convenient.

Other significant benefits of weight loss through Lap-Band that are not so easily visible include the frequent remission or cure of diabetes, lowered levels of cholesterol, minimized risk of stroke and heart attack, and a lower blood pressure. Ongoing research is constantly linking obesity with new disorders and conditions, making the rapid and effective removal of excess weight through Lap-Band a potentially lifesaving and certainly life-improving option for many patients.

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