Study Shows Excessive Sitting Leads to Weight Gain

rancho cucamonga lap bandWhile it may seem self-evident, a recent study has shown that excessive sitting leads to numerous health problems, such as weight gain and early death. This study was reported in a recent Red Orbit news article, and confirmed by a renowned Lap-Band surgeon.

Those who are required to sit for long periods of time for their job or choose to do so during their free time are encouraged to get up frequently and move around. This simple action may be extremely helpful in preventing long-term problems stemming from this lifestyle.

Long-Term Sitting Contributes to Early Death and Excess Weight

“Most people in nine to five jobs are sitting all day, and many of them live sedentary lives even outside their everyday jobs,” says Dr. Salimitari, a leading Lap-Band surgeon. “All of this sitting without exercise has consequences, including weight gain.”

The study, which was held in Australia, found that those who were 45 years or older and sat for more than 11 hours per day were at a 40% higher risk of dying in the next three years than those who sat for four hours each day.

Experts contacted stated that even breaking up the continuous sitting pattern with regular walking or brief exercise could have a dramatic effect on your overall health. Even simply walking around the office ever hour or two could prevent many of the problems caused by long-term sitting in the same position.

Physically, the problem stems from a number of automatic systems in the body, that begin to function in a hazardous way if sitting is done for too long. Hundreds of different genes may be affected, increasing the risk of obesity, cancer, diabetes and heart attack.

Patients are encouraged to be more active daily, and speak with a bariatric specialist if they wish to lower their weight but have had trouble doing so. Surgical procedures such as Lap-Band may be an excellent alternative on the road to an active lifestyle.

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