3 Ways Gastric Bypass Surgery Can Improve Your Quality of Life

If you have been thinking about undergoing weight loss surgery to lose that extra weight for good, you probably have already heard about gastric bypass surgery. The gastric bypass procedure is still one of the most popular weight loss operations in the United States because it is very effective for restricting the patient’s ability to eat large amounts of food. The procedure allows for steady and consistent weight loss, and patients learn how to adopt healthy eating and lifestyle habits as the weight comes off.

Here are just three ways gastric bypass surgery can improve your quality of life:

#1: Makes weight loss easier.

If you have always struggled to lose weight with diet and exercise, undergoing gastric bypass surgery can make your life that much easier. The procedure will make it very difficult for you to eat large amounts of food and your body won’t absorb all of the food that you do eat. This makes it easier for the body to tap into fat stores and shed the extra pounds — and without any extreme diet or weight loss regimens.

#2: May reduce joint pain.

As the weight starts to come off, there is less pressure on the joints so you may experience less joint pain and inflammation. Losing the extra weight can improve mobility and make it easier for you to participate in physical activities and exercises that were once off limits. Your doctor will advise you on when you can start doing different types of exercises, and what types of workouts and exercise regimens will be most appropriate for you as the weight comes off.

#3: Boosts self-confidence.

If your weight has always been a cause of anxiety and self-esteem issues, undergoing weight loss surgery could help you feel better about yourself. Many patients benefit from support groups and even counseling as they adjust to their new body and physical appearance. You may feel more motivated to take better care of yourself by eating nourishing foods and participating in exercises as the weight comes off and feel more confident about achieving and maintaining your weight loss goals.

Gastric bypass surgery offers several benefits for obese patients and may just help to improve your quality of life. Schedule your weight loss surgery consultation with Dr. Haiavy today!

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