Understanding Your Lap Band Recovery

california weight loss surgery One of the best things that you can do to ensure a healthy recovery and long-term success after your Lap Band procedure is to learn as much as you can about living with this device in place. A solid and accurate understanding of the realities of Lap Band recovery and long-term lifestyle will help you to establish good patterns, avoid potentially damaging behaviors, and keep your spirits high.

Important Factors For Recovery and Long-Term Success

For many men and women, talking to others who have undergone a successful weight loss process with a Lap Band can be one of the best ways to prepare for their own procedure. Other methods of information gathering may be support groups, blogs, and medical references recommended during your consultation. A few of the most crucial aspects of the Lap Band recovery and long-term periods are:

  • Time: Many people have an expectation that their weight loss will occur immediately following their Lap Band procedure. In practice, the weight is lost steadily over time, with some patients taking two to three years before they are able to see the full effects. Reaching your dream weight may sometimes take longer, depending on the intensity of your weight-loss plan and the way that your body stores fat.
  • Focus: One crucial time during your recovery period is the two-year marker, at which time many patients have lost a significant amount of weight. This makes it difficult to remain focused, and keep blocking out diet temptations and distractions that can prevent you from exercising. Regained weight can be a serious disappointment, and extra care must be taken at this point to prevent a downward spiral.

Adjustments: Many patients require slight adjustments to their Lap-Band, especially during the first few years, when they may have many in one year. This is normal, and helps to make the device as efficient as possible. After the first few years, it is common to have an annual adjustment. Photo by meg’s my name on Flickr.

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