TLC’s Skin Tight Series Shows the Reality of Extreme Weight Loss

As a weight loss surgery center, we help people overcome the challenges of losing weight—and witness first-hand how successful weight loss impacts each person’s body. That’s why we are also here to help our patients complete their transformation with body lifting procedures.

Knowing these challenges and realities, we are thrilled to see a dozen heroic weight loss patients receiving national coverage on TLC’s new show, Skin Tight. Airing weekly, Skin Tight follows the amazing transformations of patients who have lost a great amount of weight and are undergoing skin excision surgeries so that they can finally fully enjoy their results.

Body Contouring After Extreme Weight Loss

One of the most disappointing factors for people who have lost a massive amount of weight is that they’re invariably left with excess skin that hangs loosely from their body. It is heartbreaking for weight loss patients to have come so far and worked so hard only to be left with a body they still are not happy with.

But there is hope—and Skin Tight documents the incredible transformations that are possible. Unwanted skin left behind after weight loss can only be removed surgically, and body contouring procedures are the best option for restoring a more normal appearance.

The Skin Tight series tells the story of 12 individuals who have overcome huge obstacles in getting to a healthy weight, only to be bogged down with memories of who they once were because of excess, hanging skin left behind. Though some achieved their weight loss on their own, many of the participants underwent weight loss surgery to lose such a massive amount of weight.

The shows follow each patient from consultation through final follow-up, showing details of surgery and recovery. Most patients have well over 20 pounds of skin removed, and Skin Tight gives insight into every step along the way.

Curious? Click here to watch previous episodes and don’t forget to tune in to the show every Wednesday at 10/9PM CT on TLC!

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