Connecting Treatments for Diabetes and Obesity

Doctors have long known that there is a firm connection between obesity and type II diabetes. Understanding that connection has been the focus of a wide range of research projects and journal articles. Yet connecting the treatment of these two interconnected conditions has not been widely explored and understood.

As noted in recent blog post, a new partnership between two well-known California physicians intends to address that connection directly. Dr. Jeff Unger and Dr. Milt Owens are teaming up to offer their patients overall care for their total body health, covering their diabetes causes and symptoms while helping them control their obesity.

Treating Obesity and Diabetes with Bariatric Surgeries such as Lap-Band

“Our hope is that together we can provide better care and treatment for our patients. who share this disease,” said Dr. Owens on his blog. Dr. Owens is a surgeon who has performed over 8,000 bariatric surgeries in his career. He has had the incredible opportunity to work with some of the true giants in bariatric medicine along the way, including Dr. Edward E. Mason, who invented the vertical banded gastroplasty and gastric bypass operations at the beginning of the specialty’s existence. He also worked alongside Dr. Carl Hill, who invented the Hill Gastric Clip.

Dr. Unger focuses on the treatment and effects of diabetes on his patients, as a member of the American Diabetes Associates, the Director of Metabolic Studies at the Catalina Research Institute, and Associate Professor of Family Medicine at Loma Linda University School of Medicine.

Bariatric surgeries, such as Lap-Band and gastric bypass, are constantly increasing as a form of treatment for obesity, diabetes, and other obesity-linked disorders. These doctors intend to prevent these other linked disorders in their patients as well, including high blood pressure and cardiac failure. Research is constantly ongoing in the treatment and causes of these interconnected diseases, and collaboration between physicians is a crucial aspect of that research, resulting in improved treatments for the patients.

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