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Lap band surgery offers a wealth of benefits for patients battling obesity. It could be the right procedure for those who want a less-invasive option than other traditional weight loss surgeries. Lap band surgery, also known as the adjustable gastric band or laparoscopic bariatric surgery, involves placing a tube around the upper portion of the… Continue Reading »

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With one in five children and one in three adults now classified as obese, America is facing a healthcare challenge that is rising dangerously. This major increase began about fifty years ago with a decrease in home-cooked meals and an increase in daily calorie consumption, according to a recent article in The New York Times…. Continue Reading »

According to a recent article in the Tribune-Democrat, a husband and wife have lost almost 100 pounds together after deciding to both have the Lap Band procedure. This impressive weight loss has taken the Pennsylvania couple just five months. Matt Horton and his wife Julie, both in their early thirties, said they were inspired to… Continue Reading »

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