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  Crash diets, super smoothies, juicing, “prancercise”—many of us have tried one (or all) of these strategies to lose weight. Unfortunately, we are often left disappointed or even find ourselves putting on more weight. Self Magazine recently featured the story of Helen Woldemichael, a frequent dieter who is on a mission. After years of struggling… Continue Reading »

Summer typically means shorter hemlines, sleeveless tops, and showing off a bit more skin in an effort to stay cool—all of which can feel a little daunting if you’ve recently lost a large amount of weight or are in the process of shedding extra pounds. Luckily, rediscovering (or reinventing!) your personal style after significant weight… Continue Reading »

Bariatric surgery and extreme lifestyle changes have become part of the public conversation, with shows like Extreme Weight Loss and Skin Tight featuring the real stories of individuals combatting obesity and related challenges. Most of us know that weight loss surgery can transform a person’s life, but these shows give us the opportunity to more… Continue Reading »

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