Archives by Month: September, 2022

New Study Shows How Genes Can Affect Nutrient Tolerance

An interesting new study by the University of Helsinki has found that small genetic differences can affect a body’s ability to utilize energy from various nutrients. This suggests that personalized nutritional planning based on an individual’s genetic data could be used to promote improved health.  In this international study, researchers from Australia, Denmark and Finland… Continue Reading »

Yes, You Can Be Malnourished and Obese

There is a common misconception that overweight people are “well-fed,” but this is a dangerous (and insensitive) assumption. While it may sound counterintuitive, many people who are significantly overweight are actually malnourished, meaning they don’t get enough nutrients from their diet. In an effort to lose weight, these patients often focus their efforts on reducing… Continue Reading »

Is Testosterone Therapy an Effective Alternative to Weight Loss Surgery?

A recent study published in the Current Opinion in Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Obesity journal reveals that testosterone injections may be effective in treating obesity in men—but is it a viable alternative to weight loss surgery? To answer this question, we reviewed the study’s 11 years of data, plus additional literature on the science behind weight… Continue Reading »